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What Is Rekeying?

Do you think you need a rekeying service in Evanston il but you’re not quite sure what rekeying means? Don’t worry, our staff members are experts in the field so they’ll be able to do it for you in no time at all. The rekeying service in Evanston process is when you change a lock so a different key can operate it. This is normally if you feel as though someone who isn’t authorised to access your lock is doing so without your permission.

The Benefits

The great thing about rekeying is that if you ever decide to revoke the access of the person who you have given a key too, all you need to do is rekey the lock again so only the new key can operate it.


This is great if you want to keep the security tight on your locked door or safe and it also gives you added protection in general from the people who you are giving keys too.

Previous Property Owners

If you take over a new business, you may also want to rekey the lock, because even though you might feel as though you have the original key, there is no telling who else has access and this can cause serious concerns. People who purchase a new property may also hire a rekeying service in Evanston il, to stop the previous owners having access if security is going to be a problem.

Time Saving

When you rekey a lock, you change the combination so the original key cannot be used, this enables you to use the exact same lock while also getting a completely different key and it could save you a lot of money if budget is a consideration. It is possible for a locksmith to rekey several locks in your home, so you can give the full property the security it needs to prevent unwanted visitors.

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