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How to Spot Locksmith Scammers in Evanston

It is very convenient for people to have a great choice of locksmith providers to help them at the moment of need, on the other hand, people risk becoming the victims of locksmith scamming if they hire fake specialists. Statistics show that the number of people who face the problem of a locksmith scam still remains high, and Evanston is not an exception. So, let’s get to the bottom of this issue together now for you to save your time and money in the future.

How the Locksmith Scam works

The scheme of a locksmith scam works in this way:
Locksmith scammers put ads (online ones cause they attract more people) and create a big number of websites that offer “high-quality” service at a very reasonable price (claiming to charge you $15 or $29 for their service). It is a well-known fact that people want to save money, and when they see so “affordable” prices on the scammers’ websites, there is a great possibility that they will call the fraud artists.
Then, when it comes to the service to be performed, locksmith scammers are not competent to solve any lock on key problem. They will drill out your lock and demand up to 10 times more money than the original estimate.

How not to Become the Victim of Scammers

When you, the unsuspecting customer, understand that you shouldn’t have let the person who claimed him to be a locksmith to break your lock, it can be too late. You may be threatened to pay for the poor service (and the price will be no more “attractive”) and will have to find a professional locksmith to help you wit your problem. Here are some hints for you not to give locksmith scammers any favor:

Check the Company before Hiring its Workers

While searching Google for a nearby locksmith, verify the status of the chosen company. For sure, you should mind the reviews left by its customers, however, don’t forget that people get paid for writing fake reviews nowadays. Call the number stated on the site and let the dispatcher provide the company’s name. In case, the person avoids doing it (there can be one call center for all fake“companies” in the state), you shouldn’t go further. Also, ask about the location of the company’s headquarters and services as detailed as possible. The dispatchers must be familiar with all services provided. If they only repeat the info you saw on the Google, it is a clear sign that you are dealing with con artists.

What the Locksmiths Who Arrive

If you called the locksmiths, and nothing made you suspicious about their work, you can ask them to come and watch them presenting themselves. As soon as the locksmiths come, check their van, uniform, and IDs, of course. If the name of the company is not visible on the van or you see that the same people provide additional services such as plumbing, towing, so on and so forth, don’t let them assist you. What’s more, if the workers are wearing dirty T-shirts and jeans, are rough, unshaven, avoid answering your questions and show their licence, you should definitely refuse to hire them.

Find out about the payment Peculiarities

Ask about the price and the ways of payment affordable. Real locksmiths always have their price list with them. Sometimes the quote can differ from the one in the list because of the work complexity (but mind the fact that several hundreds of dollars cannot be added to the initial price). Locksmith scammers prefer cash to other kinds of payment. They say that their card machine is broken and if you insist, they can accept a debit card (you won’t be able to get the money back once you use it). A real locksmith will accept any kind of payment and inform you about the details even over the phone.

You should be very careful with people who perform locksmith services because your security fully depends on them. Unfortunately, fake locksmiths work in Evanston, IL, too, and the chance of becoming their victim still exists. If you hire new locksmiths, let them show that they can be trusted. To avoid being ripped off for the poor locksmith service, contact our locksmith team in Evanston. We are a trustworthy locksmith company, and we will prove it to you as soon as you call us.

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